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The Asendia Shipping platform and Asendia Tracking tool make your and your customer`s experience smoother, faster and more reliable.


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Asendia Shipping

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We`re making it easier for you to manage cross-border shipments with out convenient Asendia Shipping platform.

By using one simple tool to manage all your shipments every step on the way, you can focus on what`s important: running your e-commerce business.



Yellow Icon Create and edit address labels using one intuitive tool that you can adapt according to your IT landscape including web tool or webservice interface: integration of your orders, label creation & printing with one click, full control of your parcels by using the address book
Yellow Icon Access all solutions for worldwide with a choice of selected delivery partners directly via the Asendia Shipping Platform
Yellow Icon Handle shipments of up to 30 Kg smoothly with Asendia`s free-to-use delivery management tool
Yellow Icon Save time, ensure security and reduce IT costs by managing all your shipments in one place


Asendia Tracking

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It is the updated and improved way to proactively manage international shipments.

The fully-integrated platform works seamlessly with your existing systems, so you and your customers enjoy great service, reliable updates and complete, accurate tracking information for all Asendia tracked goods.



Yellow Icon Increase customer satisfaction with a multi-language system
Yellow Icon Track information from different data sources using an unique customer system and tracking number
Yellow Icon Receive free e-mail notifications throughout shipment process for both sender and customer
Yellow Icon Allow customers to speak directly with Asendia or our partners and track parcels in their local systems, so queries can be resolved faster and easier
Yellow Icon Manage shipments effortlessly via one single portal which integrates smoothly with existing systems
Yellow Icon Manage your parcels with reports with can be customized to your needs
Yellow Icon Multiple search option for improve efficiency


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